The Walkerby-George House


Marrakech Mansion has been designated as a Heritage Property and with that


designation comes a name.


Heritage homes in Niagara on the Lake are named for the builder and the person who applies for the heritage designation.


 Joseph Walkerby likely built the home in about 1860 and I Donald George applied


to have the home designated. (it was my wife's idea!)



The property cannot be subdivided; the exterior of the house cannot be altered


and many of the interior features must be protected. 


We will continue to call the House Marrakech Mansion and hopefully


guests will be able to enjoy it for many years.


Location - Location - Location

The core area of  Niagara on the Lake has been registered as a Nation Heritage District. This area covers about 20 blocks from Johnson Street to Front Street. This is the real Niagara on the Lake and the area where both of my homes are located, you are a few minutes walk to the stores, restaurants and Theatre. Click on the Details button for more information and be sure to check out the neighborhood on Google street view.

Marrakeah Mansion


Marrakech Mansion

The Mansion was built in about 1860 and sits in the middle of one of the largest properties in the old town, lots of space to spread out and enjoy. Inside, the same story. All 4 bedrooms are on the second floor the main floor with 11-foot ceilings, has lots of space for visiting and enjoying your stay. - Google Street View

Casablanca Cottage

Casablanca Cottage

Casablanca cottage dates to around 1920 and it the youngest house on the street corner. The front porch is huge, the side garden contains a private outdoor eating area with Weber gas BBQ. Inside are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large living room with gas fireplace. - (Google Street view)

Marrakech Mansion
Casablanca Cottage - Photo by Richard Bain  -
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Marrakech Mansion

Casablanca Cottage

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